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Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to own TEN future Official Programs of major fights that are published by Seidman Productions.

Just look at the advantages of being a Club member:

  • You can own the programs even if you can't attend the fights or if the programs are sold out at the live site.
  • You save on increased post fight prices. Programs normally sell for $15 to $25 after the fight. You can join the Club and receive 10 future programs for $149.95 ($169.95 - Canada; $189.95 - Europe; $219.95 - other foreign countries)
  • Official programs, several of which have already won awards, are collectors items and are likely to increase in value.

Here's What You Can Expect.
Within two weeks after each major fight included in your Club membership, you will receive the fight's Official Program--the very same one purchased by ticket holders at the live site! Club membership includes 10 programs published by Seidman Productions.

And each program is filled with fascinating fighters ...interviews with prominent figures in the boxing world ...analyses of the featured fight ...exciting photography and artwork... and much, much more.

Easy to Join.

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$149.95 U.S.
$169.95 Canada
$189.95 Europe
$219.95 Other Foreign